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CPSC conference:
Translational agriculture 
- from model plants to crops

21 - 23 August 2024

15.02. Eremophila verna 2.png

Plants in a changing climate

From plant genes to genomes

Plant-microbe interactions

About the conference 

Some of society's most pressing questions revolve around how we can maintain food production and plant growth in the context of climate change. To address this, the Copenhagen Plant Science Center (CPSC) hosts a conference on Translational agriculture: from model plants to crops that targets crop resilience and yield stability by bridging fundamental and translational plant research with the agrifood industry.

Registration deadline: August 1st 2024

Travel Grants 

Submission for Travel Grants is now closed. (Deadline was 31.05.24)


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Funded by:

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Secretariat

Thorvaldsensvej 40,

1871 Frederiksberg C


+4535329954 (Aleksandra Mleczek)

+4535325828 (Katja Annette Willrodt)



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